—Our mottos are always a perfect engineering design and setup a proper system to entire satisfaction of our valued customers. 

          We work with  Automation  System in Building such as:-

—Lighting Plan with Remote control to make energy saving in Corridor and main Halls.
—Lighting Plan with Motion Sensor and movement detectors in long Corridors and wash rooms.
—Fire Alarms with smoke and heat detectors.
—Electrical distribution with third Electrical Back up plans like Public Gathering Area, Security Area.
—Sub Electrical Distribution for All LAN Network with UPS control Line.
—Main Electrical Distribution with Low Tension (L.T). Line and High Tension (H.T line .
—Main Electrical Distribution With L.T. control System  in with we plan all the single line diagrams ,Load balance distribution  in all the circuits.
—We Plan   Electrical distribution in Generator and State electricity board With PLC and SCADA system.
—We Plan Electrical Distribution with Building Management.
—We plan electrical for Low Voltage Instruments.
—We Design in Electrical control System, Panels, Transformer, Generators.